Park like a Pro with the Jeep Cherokee

These days, the holiday spirit can be directly translated to a serious shopping spree. It is all going to friends, family, and charity, but the fact is, you have already been to the malls twice since gorging yourself on turkey, and there will still be things you need to buy between now and the end of the year. If you are dreading facing that packed parking lot again, consider adding an ally to the buyer's blues, and let the Jeep Cherokee do the hard part for you.

The benefits of technology do not end there. Within the cabin, you can sync your smartphone through the infotainment system and stay connected hands-free while on the go. An intelligent suspension senses changes in the driving surface for a smoother ride for you, so you can sit back and relax. Even in the mall parking lot.

Come in to Shelbyville Chrysler Products today and take a test drive with some parking practice at our Shelbyville, KY dealership.

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