Found: Attitude on Wheels

Are you bored with your current car? It is understandable. There is no shortage of the same sedan on the roads, they all feature the same body style and bright chrome accents all over the vehicle - from the window borders to the tail lights. Now is time for a game changer, and if you are in the mood for a more sinister, more aggressive look to a sedan that is also affordable and fuel efficient, take a closer look at the Dodge Dart.

The interior is styled for comfort, and designed with technology in mind. Sync your smartphone through the infotainment system so you can field phone calls as you cruise, while keeping your hands on the wheel. Achieving up to 41 mpg on the highway, the strong racing heritage of Dodge is apparent with the sporty look of the exterior, especially when you opt for the Blacktop® package for an intense appearance.

For more information, come in to Shelbyville Chrysler Products today, and take the Dart out for a daring test drive around Shelbyville, KY.

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