Make Winter Memories in a Jeep

The official first day of winter is less than two weeks away. Are you prepared for the winter weather? And we don't mean stock-up-on-canned-food, hibernate-on-the-couch prepared; we mean ready-for-adventure prepared. Snow and ice are not only beautiful but they facilitate seasonal activities like skiing and skating. Of course, they can also make driving a bit tricky... so get a Jeep!

When it comes to maintaining traction when the roads get frosty, you can't beat a Jeep 4x4 AWD system. Whether you have the Wrangler Sahara's Command-Trac® 4x4 system with NV241 GII transfer case that keeps the fun going even in slippery situations or the Grand Cherokee Laredo's Quadra-Trac I® 4x4 system that's always engaged for all-weather capability and confidence, or another one of the AWD systems (which you can explore at working for you, you'll be in good hands this winter.



Not yet a Jeep owner? Visit Shelbyville Chrysler Products at 2121 Midland Trail (US 60) and we'll help fix that. Once you drive away in your new Jeep, you'll never look back!

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