Is Your Car Worth Its Salt?

If it didn't make it onto Kelly Blue Book's "Best Resale Value" list, then it may not be.

A vehicle's value is determined by many factors when its brand new: the quality of its materials, the modernity of its technology, even the color of its paint. But, once it's been rolling along the streets of Shelbyville, KY for more than three to five years, the value of the vehicle is determined primarily by how well it held up, and how well it will hold up in the future.

Now, if you're planning to keep your car until it honks its last breath, then the only value you need to know about is sentimental. But, if you think you'll ever need or want to sell or trade it, then the resale value is pretty important. It determines how much of a down-payment you'll be able to put on a newer model, and that will affect the loan type or even the model type you can afford.

So, when you're shopping around in Shelbyville, consider a new Jeep model. Their rugged capability is famous, and they have a die-hard fan base. The Jeep Wrangler won the award in the Compact SUV/Crossover segment and came in second-place overall for best resale value, while the Jeep Wrangler locked down the win for Midsize SUV/Crossover.

To put a new Jeep model to the test, come to Shelbyville Chrysler Products, and let us help you find a car that's a true investment.

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