Now that its summer in the Louisville, KY region, the warmer weather allows for you to wash your RAM Truck outdoors! Have you ever wondered why washing your truck is so vital to its lifespan? Besides keep it clean, washing and waxing protects the paint of your RAM, making it look like new.

By washing your RAM Truck, you are removing an surface debris that may be picked up from the raod. It is important t0o also ensure that your truck dries off in the shade, so prevent uneven drying which can make your paint look splotchy. Finally, waxing will protect your paint by acting as a barrier against the environment which prevents fading and scratches.

We here at Shelbyville Chrysler Products hope that you enjoy the trest of the summer! Remember that if you need RAM maintenance, you can schedule an appointment with us by calling (866) 952-6542.

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