The Chrysler Pacifica has been a dominating force against its competition, bringing in award after award among minivans and continually coming out on top. The Pacifica stacks up well against the competition thanks to its combination of performance, safety, and an assortment of features that both come standard and are available upgrades.


Chrysler has developed the most advanced all-wheel-drive system in its class for the Pacifica that helps enhance traction while driving in all types of road conditions around Jeffersontown. When the vehicle detects when a loss of traction occurs on one wheel, it will engage its system to continue stability.

The vehicle can also detect freezing temperatures or rainy conditions when roads may become slick to activate the traction system. The Pacifica also leads its class when it comes to fuel efficiency. The Pacifica boasts 28 miles per gallon on the highway, with the Hybrid Pacifica ramping that up to 82 miles per gallon.


The Pacifica has won multiple safety awards that have helped make it a top choice for Louisville and Lyndon KY families. With several technological advancements to enhance safety, you can feel more secure than ever when getting behind the wheel. The Pacifica employs multiple sensors to detect vehicles both in front and behind you to utilize when parking, for its adaptive cruise control, and will even automatically brake in an impending collision.


The interior of the Chrysler Pacifica offers multiple seating options to increase passenger or cargo space, making it one of the most adaptive vehicles on the market. With seating of up to eight that can be folded down or moved for increased storage. The floor of the Pacifica also has easy-access bins to maximize the storage area and help keep you prepared while on the road.

Chrysler has made the Pacifica into one of the most adaptive vehicles on the market. With so many great features packed into this van, it is easy to see what makes it continually be one of the top choices for families. Come to Shelbyville Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram near Taylorsville to set up your test drive today.

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